Ready, Set, Go……

When I dreamt of being a business owner I didn’t realise what I was letting myself in for. From as early as I can remember I felt I didn’t fit in, I wasn’t the most popular, I wasn’t good at singing (something I thought I was, but it turns out I was tone deaf and only dogs could hear me sing,) I wasn’t trendy….the list goes on. My early life I felt I did everything the wrong way or even backwards.

I met my husband, Lukmaan, and he sparked the creative business owner dream in me again. So one late night after a catch up with my friend Nicky over a cup of tea I returned home to this sign on my front door (which meant I was starting my own business) and my feet haven’t touched the ground since. I dreamt of an online shop, which included a ‘blog’ type area for me to ramble and rant about my life, life with a teenager, toddler and baby, my creative path and everything in between, it–didn’t quite work out, who knew I was totally numb about technology, social media and website creation. Plenty of ups and downs, left and right turns since the start of Buddleia and finally I have the space to………be me!

So let me introduce you to the start of ‘the crazy and chaotic life of Claire.’ This tiny corner of the internet is where I will share with you my creative makes, what me and the family have been doing, my random crazy antics and stories from my past which make up me. Sit comfortably, buckle up and hold on tight, it’s going to be an awesome adventure.

Ready, Set, Go......
Husbands Door Art

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