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The concept of Buddleia With Love was born at the same time as my second child, Adam, in 2016. Circumstances meant I left a 17-year career in the public sector as a Crime Scene Investigator, and became a stay-at-home mum.

I always had candles burning around the house and my passion for soy candles began when I researched into the best candles to burn with a newborn in the house. It took me about half a year of experimenting until I found eleven perfects scents, their combinations, and wicks that burn with a clear flame. I have also had a passion for making bath products for many years, so I turned to my chemistry background and learnt how to make soaps, bath bombs, and other beauty products that contain natural ingredients and the freshest scents.

The one thing that was clear from the very beginning was the name; I love butterflies and their symbol of transformation. The buddleia bush is the food plant of butterflies, and attracts butterflies into my garden. All my products are made with love, as I genuinely love making these gifts. So, the name Buddleia with Love was created.

I live in Croston, Lancashire with my husband, teenage daughter Caitlin-May, toddler son Adam, and newest addition to the family, Zayd. I have a very full and crazy busy life, but I love being a stay-at-home mum.

About my products

Each Buddleia with Love product is completely hand crafted using only the highest quality ingredients from sustainable sources. They are created with a personal touch and made with love.


My candles contain natural soy wax for cleaner and longer burn. Soy wax is a natural candle wax, from renewable natural resource – soy beans. It is also completely biodegradable. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin candles and last up to 50% longer than a comparable paraffin candle. Candles are mixed with high quality fragrances, hand-poured and finished with an all-cotton, lead and zinc free wick.

Please refer to the Candle Care Guide to ensure your candle is well-cared for.

Every candle is nicely presented, boxed and ready to be given as a gift!

Small Tin Candle 15 – 25 hours
Large Tin Candle 25 – 35 hours
Glass Jar Candle 40 – 50 hours

Bath & Beauty

My beauty products are made by hand in small batches to ensure they are as fresh as can be. They are made using the finest ingredients, and some of the products I make are 100% natural (these will be highlighted for safety purposes). My beauty products are gentle, SLS free, cruelty free and give your mind, body and soul that little hug we all need.

Each bath & beauty product has a safety assessment having been assessed by a Charted Chemist which is a legal requirement under the cosmetic product safety regulations.

If you would like more information or to place a special order, please contact me or call me on 07921 354689