I don’t work on Mondays – I spend time with my boys. So yesterday we returned to our favourite activity and book swapping group run by Rachel at Reading and Beyond. For health reasons we hadn’t been to the group since December, we had become hermits and hadn’t been going out much, but as there was a little twinkle of sun in the sky we decided to walk down to our local church hall and get stuck in. AND what fun we had!!

Rachel had themed the morning around the upcoming world book day so Adam dressed up as Thor (well….. he wore his Viking tunic, a blue cape I borrowed from his superman outfit and a wooden hammer taken from his tool box – but never the less he loved his outfit) and Zayd went in normal clothes, as he wasn’t sure what was going on.

The boys quickly got stuck into all the crafty activities, Adam made Mr Men play-doh models, decorated gingerbread biscuits and made pictures using feathers and paint, while Zayd was quite happy playing in a tub with stones, diggers, bits of fake grass, twigs and bones (not real ones of course.) Neither of them paid much attention to the books that accompanied the activities but when Rachel read the first story of the morning called Owl Babies, they both sat still for a whole five minutes!! They loved it!!

Their favourite activity of the morning was the tub full of lentils, beans, plants pots and small shovels which was linked to the Jack and the beanstalk story. Adam decided to put a few beans in his pocket which he only gave me at bath time instructing me to put them outside in the soil. He was less than impressed when he woke up this morning and there was no beanstalk in our back garden – ‘Rachel’s beans aren’t magic at all, you didn’t plant them right mummy’ he told me, sulking whilst eating his cereal. Being told off by a 3 year old at 7am is something I will never get used to. I think from now on I will stick to candle making rather than gardening.

Jack and the beanstalk inspired play

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