Going for broke

There are times in our lives when we have to face our fears, push past all boundaries, and pursue our goals with tenacity and determination.  Today (5th April) is dedicated to “going for broke,” putting it all out there……facing the unknown.

If you’ve ever had anything you’ve ever wanted to try, anything you’ve ever been afraid to do, this is the day to finally push past that boundary and just go for it!  We’re all on the same train, and we all have to get off sometime, the only question is will you have enjoyed the ride!?!

So many of us live our lives within our comfort zones, never really trying anything new.  We live a life of fear, terrified that if we try to add anything new to our lives, we’ll upset the delicate balance that we live in.  Or they find themselves afraid to get started on projects they’ve talked about their whole lives, feeling that plodding along is better than starting and failing. Don’t fall into that trap!  This is the day to fall your dream, follow your heart……today is ‘go for broke day.’ JUST DO IT, what’s the worst that can happen???

I left a secure job of 17 years (for many reasons) and now i’m persuing my dream! Its scary but feels amazing!! Happy ‘go for broke’ day

Reference: dayoftheyear.com

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